How to increase small eyes

How to increase small eyes

      First of all, let`s talk about eyebrows. The line of the eyebrows should be bent and carefully maintain the clarity of the shape, plucking from below unnecessary hairs. This little trick even without make-up will make the look more open.

Do not forget the golden rule of makeup: light colors visually emphasize and increase the eyes, the dark ones reduce. Therefore, in order to visually make the eyes wider, apply light shadows on the line under the eyebrows and brighten the inner corner of the eye. This will not only make the look more expressive, but also visually increase the distance between the eyes (a very useful trick for girls with closely-set eyes). An even greater effect can be achieved if the lower eyelid along the eyelash growth is brought in whole or in part with a light pencil

The classic quickest and easiest way to visually increase the eyes has long been mascara. For this purpose, you should choose mascara with a volume effect and a brush for twisting. The most popular color of the carcass is black and it will suit almost everyone. If you decide to use colored mascara, then remember that blue-eyed and gray eyes are suitable for mascara brown, and women with brown and green eyes should choose gray and blue shades. But remember that it is necessary to paint abundantly only the upper eyelashes, the lower ones should not be painted at all.

If all these tools did not give the desired result, then the right threading will always help. Be sure to remember that a complete eye stroke will not help you at all, a pencil line from below and from above visually will only reduce your eyes.

Using the arrows, draw them only on the upper line of the eyelash growth, and leave the lower line untouched. Also visually make the eyes wider will help full eyeliner pencil upper eyelid and partial – lower (about one third of the outer corner of the eye). This method of make-up will also make more and the distance between the eyes. Do not forget to gloss over the line of eyelash growth, so that there is not a gap between the ink and the eyelid. The color of the eyeliner should be combined with the color of the shadows and the overall picture of the makeup. The thickness of the line is to choose the middle one, and the pencil is better for the pencil, it is easy to control the width of the line and you can use several shades at once.

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