How to keep a beautiful breasts

How to keep a beautiful breasts

      Maintain a stable body weight. Weight fluctuations most negatively affect the shape and appearance of the breast. Sharp weight loss contributes to the sagging of the mammary glands. A rapid set of body weight leads to the appearance of stretch marks. If you are planning to lose weight or recover, do it gradually, so that the collagen and elastin fibers keep the skin in an elastic state. The elasticity of the skin helps to maintain the beauty and shape of the breast.

Choose a bra carefully. It should ideally support the breast, so that there is no feeling of tightness, but at the same time the mammary glands should be high enough. If you do not like to wear underwear, over time, your breasts will lose shape and sag.

Maintain your skin. Daily, take a contrast shower, dry your breast with a soft towel and apply the cream from stretch marks. You can buy it at any pharmacy. In extreme cases, you can lubricate the breast with a moisturizing cream or a nourishing oil designed to care for the skin of the body.

Especially carefully take care of the bust during pregnancy, feeding the baby and hormonal changes in the body during the onset of menopause. These periods in a woman`s life are the most unfavorable for preserving the shape of the breasts and the elasticity of the skin. If you systematically looked after the bust, keep doing it with double zeal. During pregnancy and feeding, the breast, as a rule, considerably increases in size. Wear a bra corresponding to the changed forms.

Do exercises to maintain the shape of the chest. The elasticity and shape of the bust ideally help keep push-ups. No less effective exercise for the development of breast muscles – stretching behind the back of the expander or tight elastic band.

Pay attention to the diet. To maintain the elasticity and beauty of the breast, include in the diet proteins, fats, a small amount of carbohydrates, vitamins. Rationally two or three times a year on the recommendation of a doctor to take a multivitamin complex, since even a full-fledged diet can not provide the body with the necessary amount of vitamins and trace elements.

Protect the mammary glands from ultraviolet radiation. Sunbathe on the beach and in the solarium with a closed chest. Ultraviolet radiation enhances the aging process of the skin. Loss of skin elasticity – this is a direct way to change the shape of the bust.

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