How to keep the body in shape during pregnancy

How to keep the body in shape during pregnancy

      The first rule is a good mood. It should accompany you all 9 months. A lot depends on him and appearance too.

Pregnancy is a big burden on the body. To hair do not fade, the nails do not break, and the skin does not peel, drink vitamins. Do not skimp on them. The best option is the domestic vitamins”Alphabet. Mom`s health.” In them, the whole complex is divided into three tablets, which allows to maximize the benefits of taking them. Do not drink them all the time. Take small breaks. For example, from Monday to Friday you drink, on weekends you rest.

Feed your skin, especially on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. This should be done before the abdomen begins to grow. When this happens, carry a tube of cream with you. Smear every time you experience discomfort. This will avoid stretch marks.

Get enough sleep. Now you need to sleep for two. Do not be surprised if, at a certain time, you just turn off. These are the needs of the body and they need to indulge.

Eat right. Give up fast food and dishes with lots of spices. Eat more fruit. Listen to yourself. If you do not want meat at all, but you ate a lot before pregnancy, it means you should give it up for a while. Do not overeat, but do not starve yourself. If you are afraid to collect a lot, eat more low-calorie, but useful foods. If the doctor puts you on a diet, because you are recruiting a lot, do not get too nervous for yourself. With doctors require compliance with certain standards. Look at the young moms with strollers and count how many of them are overweight. After giving birth, all weight, as a rule, goes away, because a small child requires a lot of attention to himself.

Discard your heels and uncomfortable shoes. Your feet are now under a very heavy load. To avoid varicose veins, do not wear shoes with high heels and underwear with tight elastic band. Keep your feet blood supply good. Do not put your foot on your leg, no matter how much you like it, it also contributes to a worsening of the blood flow.

Keep track of your physical shape. Pregnancy is not a disease. Walking is very useful. If possible, visit some exercises on exercise therapy for pregnant women.

Strengthen your chest. Smear with cream once a day and do exercises. Fold your palms at the level of the solar plexus and squeeze them, repeat 10-20 times, do the exercise several times a day.

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