How to know the size of trousers

How to know the size of trousers

      If you want to know the size of men`s classic trousers, then you should focus on their volume in the belt. To determine the size without errors, it is necessary to measure it on a man without trousers. Place a centimeter at the level of the belt where the trousers usually wear (and not jeans). It is not necessary to tighten the tape, but you should not leave it too loose. The figure that you got, divide in half and add 6. This is the desired standard size trousers.

So, for example, if the waist circumference was 80 cm, then this is the 46th size, 84 cm is the 48th size, etc. In the event that the size of the circumference of the waist is odd, round up the figures to a larger side. The waist measurement is also measured in women.

Growth should be measured from the waist to the bone on the outside of the ankle and below. The length of the classic trousers depends on your personal preferences and shoes. The fact is that in the factory such pants usually do not bend, so that later a person could adjust them for themselves. It is believed that the edge of the pants should cover the shoes to the heel, but people may like the other length (sometimes the shoes are completely hidden under the cloth).

For women, the amount of hips is also important. It is measured approximately 20 cm below the waist – in the most prominent places (through the buttocks).

When buying jeans, you should consider some features. Pay attention to the labels. On the women`s pants you will see two or three notations. Firstly, it`s Waist, secondly, Low Waist, and sometimes Hip.

Men`s sizes are determined by the waist`s volume. But the length in jeans, both male and female, should be measured on the inner seam – from the crosshairs, where all the seams converge, until the leg is folded. The figures on the jeans are indicated in inches.

If you are not sure about the result, try to make a measurement on the ready, which, as you think, you are perfectly seated. Close the button, stretch your belt with your fingers, measure this distance with a centimeter tape and multiply the figure by two. So you get the size of your waist in inches. To see this parameter in inches, divide the waist by 2.54. The case is simplified if your scale measures a scale in inches.

Keep in mind that all measurements need to be carried out on trousers that have not been worn after washing. It should also be borne in mind that the untreated jeans after washing in the width of shrinkage almost do not give, and in length they can sit down even by 10%.

If you want to buy processed jeans (artificially worn, aged, or”varenki”), then keep in mind that manufacturers recommend taking them an inch less than your size.

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