How to know your biological age

How to know your biological age

      If the biological clock is slowed down, a person does not look like his years, does not feel lived. If the clock rushes, even at a young age, there is a certain decrepitude, constant fatigue and apathy. Find out how old you really are with simple tests. For many of them, you will need a stopwatch.

Mark the time and begin to tilt, touching the floor with your hands. If for a minute you managed to execute them more than 50 times, your age is 20 or less. If you were able to master only 35-50, your age is around 30 years. 30-34 times correspond to 40 years, but if you could make no more than 30 slopes, you are over 50 years old.

Also, the biological age can be checked by testing the vestibular apparatus. Close your eyes tightly and stand on one (any) leg. Second raise it by 10 centimeters from the floor. If you could stand for more than 30 seconds in this position (without opening your eyes), you are 20 years old or less. If you survived from 20 to 30 seconds, you are about 40 years old. Well, if the result did not exceed 20 seconds, you are in the region of 40. 10-15 seconds are respectively suitable for 60 and 50 year olds.

The next test is math. You need to reduce the number of 100 by 7 to the limit as quickly as possible in your mind. If you took less than 20 seconds to perform the test, your age is 20-30 years, if you spent 20-40 seconds, you are more than 30.

You need an assistant to complete the next test. He needs to take a 50-centimeter ruler over the edge with the largest number and position vertically. Put your hand lower by 10 centimeters. And, when your partner releases the ruler, try to catch it with your thumb and forefinger. The number for which you grabbed the ruler, and will be your biological age.

The results of all tests should be added and the arithmetic mean calculated, so you can more accurately determine how many years your clock has been counted. If the difference with your real age is small, you do not have to worry. But if the test result showed much more than you actually have, hurry to become a more active person. Go in for sports, jog, do douche, this will help turn back time and keep you young.

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