How to lengthen trousers

How to lengthen trousers

      In the event that the bottom trousers are sewn and there is a good supply of fabric, your task is relatively simple: repel the hem, remove all threads, moisten and smooth the folds with an iron.

It may be that there is no material left for the new bend. So, you have to sew the braid or look for a suitable fabric and cut out of it strips equal to the length of the fold plus allowances for the seam. Take these strips (it is better to cut them along the transverse) and attach to the bottom of the pants. They should be on the wrong side of the trousers. Sew and iron.

If it turned out that the place of the previous bend was heavily worn and its line is very noticeable, try to apply thin ribbons on this line and carefully attach them along the edges. You will get something like decorative decoration on the bottom of the trousers.

In the case when there is nothing to file, you can dream up by adding other elements to the bottom of the trousers.

Sew the bottom of the shuttlecock. To do this, you need to cut a shuttlecock, whose inner circle is equal to the length of the circumference of the trousers.

Attach the assembly to the bottom. Measure the circumference of the leg, multiply the resulting length by two (or more) and open such a strip of fabric. The length of the strip depends on how thick the assembly or counter folds will be.

Add cuffs to your trousers. It can be made from fur or knitted rubber bands on the knuckles.

Sew a ruff from lace or other, we can contrast, fabric. Strip a lace of thread on the thread, pull to the desired width and stitched. Not bad, if you make such a fabric more belt or decorative pockets.

Try to make two inserts: one place, for example, below the knees, and the other on the bottom of the trousers. The fabric for the inserts can be any, even lace, but in this case you have to substitute a more dense material for it so that it does not deform.

Make the edges of the trousers fimbrike, pulling several rows of threads from the fabric. To make homemade fringe does not continue to”blossom”, fix it with a straight line. Fixing the edge, you can attach a thin strip of lace instead of an ordinary line.

Insert a strip of another fabric on the bottom of the trousers using a detachable zipper. Instead of lightning, you can also sew a velcro.

Try to flay the old belt and add a new one by inserting two or three rows of rubber bands; You can also lengthen the top of the trousers with an interesting insert. But for this you will most likely have to completely rip off your trousers and slightly alter their pattern.

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