How to lighten the tattoo

How to lighten the tattoo

      At home with the clarification of tattooing can hardly be handled. So if you do not like the shade of eyebrows or lips, you will have to contact the same master to correct it.

Usually tattoo correction is performed about a month after the initial procedure. It happens that the paint immediately fell under the skin not tightly or the tone resulting from the session did not become in harmony with the color of the skin or the hue of the woman`s hair.

If the whole thing is only in the consistency of the paint, the master will correct the unsuccessful areas using the same pigment. But if you, for example, have very light hair, and your eyebrows turned out to be coal-black or your lips are crimson, you will have to go through a multi-step procedure. In the course of it you will first need to lighten up what already exists, and only then (if the desire to do a second tattoo still remains) – change the color of the lips or eyebrows to the desired.

But notice: an impossible task for any master will be to lighten the contour around the eyes. The only way he can help you is to correct or straighten the line a little.

How do they brighten the tattoo? Experts do not advise to apply to cosmetologists in order to remove the pigment with the help of peeling (especially dermabrasion). First, using, for example, medial chemical peels, one session can not achieve the desired effect, and only damage the skin. Secondly, on their lips to do in general is contraindicated.

The laser does the best job. Depending on the intensity and depth of the paint, it may take up to 4-5 sessions. In parallel with laser procedures, you can try and use castor oil (only in the eyebrows), applying it daily for the night. And in no case should not resort to hydrogen peroxide and other oxidants, as this is useless, and dangerous for the skin.

Before the eyebrows are brightened with a laser, the hairs are not removed. If they become too light, they can be a little and tinted. This is done by the master for permanent make-up or ordinary hair dye at home or in the salon.

Not all experts recommend the use of Tattoo Removal for different brands to lighten the tattoo. The healing process after such preparations is even more prolonged than after the laser, and the composition of the agents can enter into an unforeseen chemical reaction with the coloring pigment. In addition, Tattoo Removal is injected under the skin after using special needles to injure the area from which you need to remove traces of tattooing. And this additional mechanical effect can adversely affect in the future, for example, on the sensitivity of the lips or the structure of the eyebrows.

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