How to look beautiful on New Year’s Eve

How to look beautiful for the New Year

      A few weeks before the New Year, it would be nice to start a course of courtship procedures. Sign in a beauty salon where you will be cleansed, go through several massage sessions, peeling procedures, wraps. After that, your skin will become more even and more elastic, and you will feel more confident.

If you decide to surprise friends by coming to a New Year party with makeup that you have never done before, or with an unusual styling, do not take risks and try them out on yourself beforehand. You have to make sure that makeup or styling suits you, otherwise the New Year`s Eve can be spoiled.

Particular attention should be paid to manicure, because your hands will be constantly in sight. You can make a soft manicure in the tone of the dress or, on the contrary, use a bright contrast lacquer. In the New Year, the thematic drawing on the nails will be relevant: the fir branch, the Christmas tree ball, the clock. In this case, your nails will attract more attention than the traditional blue light on TV. If you are planning to do a hairdo or manicure in the salon, do not forget to make an appointment there, because before the New Year a crowd wishing to become irresistible will storm hairdressers.

Choosing a hairstyle, stop for simple, but durable styling. The best option is to braid the hair in braids. This hairstyle will last all evening and will not suffer, if you decide to walk with the company, and you will have to put on a hat.

Applying makeup, give the skin a visual effect of transparency and radiance, because in New Year`s Eve everything is sparkling and poured. Use a foundation with shimmering elements, light shadows, a transparent lip gloss. For New Year`s make-up it is necessary to take the best and proof cosmetics, in fact to you there is a long night! Going to the party, do not forget to bring along a cosmetic bag, so that if necessary, you can correct the makeup.

When choosing an outfit, consider where you will celebrate the holiday. If you are planning to spend midnight on the street, celebrating the holiday with a cheerful crowd of people walking, take care that you do not freeze. To go to a restaurant you should choose an evening dress, and at the party for your friends will suit a less formal, but more comfortable skirt and jumper or jeans with a blouse. It is believed that on New Year`s Eve you should dress in colors that correspond to the symbol of the coming year.

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