How to maintain health in the north

How to keep health in the north

      To maintain health in the North, it is important to observe the regime of work and rest. Try to wake up no later than 6 am, and go to bed at 21-23 hours. Lifting performance is at 8-12, and then at 15-19 hours. It is at this time that, if possible, it is necessary to make the most of the planned. People who, in conditions of short daylight hours, do not take into account the biorhythms of the body, are most susceptible to cardiovascular diseases.

Eat foods rich in vitamins and microelements. It is not only berries and fruits, but also vegetables, greens, whole grains of cereal. At least twice a year, take the pharmacy vitamin-mineral complexes. They will help saturate the body with iodine, calcium and vitamin D, the deficit of which is experienced by every third inhabitant of the Far North. Limit the use of meat and salt. The main source of protein for the northerner should be fish.

Hypodinamy is harmful to the body. Meanwhile, due to severe climatic conditions, many residents of the Far North lead a sedentary lifestyle. Go in for sports, exercise therapy, perform hardening procedures.

Regularly undergo a preventive examination. The most common northerners are broncho-pulmonary, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and endocrine diseases. In addition, parasitic infections are widespread in the northern regions. The reasons for this are the poor quality of drinking water and the consumption of thermally unprocessed meat and fish. Unfortunately, the quality of medical care in the Far North leaves much to be desired, so timely diagnosis and preventive measures are the best way to maintain health.

Annually use the next vacation. At the same time, for leisure, choose regions with mild climate. The most gentle acclimatization takes place in spring and autumn, so try to plan trips for this time.

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