How to maintain the beauty and health of clarified hair

How to preserve the beauty and health of clarified hair

The system of prolonged care and reanimation of the hair of the Israeli brand Egomania Professional KERNOX on the basis of amino acids allows to obtain a colossal result for any type of hair, any degree of damage. Each procedure based on KERNOX provides a deep restoration of the structure of damaged hair and scalp care. Already after the first procedure, noticeably a significant reduction in the fragility of the hair, a reduction in the number of cut ends, hair is not confused, it is easy to comb and acquire a healthy natural sheen.

The main and unique advantage of KERNOX`s care is that they do not contain artificial keratin, but work with their own hair keratin and do not overload it. All reactions take place in the hair cortex, which provides optimal nutrition and restoration of its structure. After each procedure, the introduced active components are stored within the hair structure for up to 14 days, making the process of resuscitation and hair restoration prolonged.

One of the procedures KERNOX designed specifically for blondes. This Mix Blond is a system of intensive care and restoration of discolored, bleached, blonded hair, as well as strengthening of ashy hues from the 7th level. We will get acquainted with this procedure more closely.

The main advantage of the Kernox Mix Blond system is the complex restoration of the hair structure and the revitalization of blond hair. Based on the Kernox Mix Blond system, you can perform three procedures for any blond hair.

1. Resuscitation of blond, bleached, severely damaged hair

Imagine a blonde whose hair can not be combed, they are brittle and do not lend themselves to styling. The master conducts the procedure, and we immediately see the effect: the hair is easy to comb, become elastic, fit well. The effect is sufficient depending on how much the hair is injured. Before the full restoration of the hair will need several procedures. The process of recovery is due to the content of natural fiber products, which is a substratum for active reconstruction of the protein mass of hair.

2. Neutralization of yellowness

This is a real wand-wand for blondes, whose hair color has acquired an undesirable yellowness! In addition to the fact that the hair is restored, the unwanted background of clarification is neutralized by the maintenance of direct blue pigment of natural origin in the products of the system. To date, direct blue pigment in other means of other brands is contained only in shampoos, and therefore works on hair superficially, and the effect lasts only for a short time. In the system Kernox Mix Blond direct blue pigment of natural origin is contained in the products for care.

3. Enhancing Ash Levels 7

This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of care and color. Now the master does not need to”finish” the hair after decaporation by toning, you can get melted ashy strands on a natural base. The effect on the aspiration of ash colors is comparable to toning, but it has a huge advantage – the pigment is not washed out.

All procedures based on the Kernox Mix Blond system are conducted in four simple steps. Leading technologist Egomania Professional Alexei Shubin demonstrates on the model how the procedure is carried out.

That`s how the hair looked before the procedure:

1. Cleansing. We use the shampoo in the line for bleached hair, which the wizard puts on the damp hair structure and foams well. Shampoo is acidic, based on 3 kinds of acids (acetylsalicylic acid and ascorbic acid). Its task is to dissolve the products of the vital activity of the hair, parabens, silicones and open the cuticle layer to 45 degrees.

2. We apply the Kernox Mix Blond spray activator for discolored hair. The spray is based on nicotinic acid, its task is to open the cuticle layer up to 90 degrees, expand the lipid and protein layer, increase the microcirculation of the blood in the epithelium. The exposure time is 10 minutes

3. We put on the hair aminocomplex. To do this, the master mixes a mask and a cocktail for bleached hair from the Kernox Mix Blond system in the proportion: 50 grams of mask and 2.5 grams of cocktail. The mask is a substance full of active components, and contains two types of oils: thermoactive and denatured. The product itself is inert. To activate, we need a proaminokokteyl, which decomposes denatured oils to amino acids. In a bowl, we get a ready-made cocktail with a full aminocomplex. The master applies it to the scalp, the hair canvas, the ends. The time of aging the mask on the hair is 15 minutes, after which the wizard will wash the product with a copious amount of water of a comfortable temperature.

4. Complete the procedure with Kernox Finish Treatment thermal spray. Its task is to dissolve the active components that have not entered into a chemical reaction, close the cuticular layer tightly and activate the thermal oil.

Next, the wizard makes the model styling without using styling and high temperatures. Look at the result of the procedure! Hair dense, smooth, shining, in a shade there is no also a hint of yellowness.

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