How to make a bruise

How to make a bruise

      What to do if the bruise (medical definition of the bruise) is adorned on the eve of an important meeting or event. The meeting can be postponed, but how to appear in this form at work?

First, try to speed up the”convergence” of the bruise. You can gently rub the gel with a squirrel, apply cabbage leaf or make lotions from raw potatoes. There are also other drugs in pharmacies that accelerate the resorption of bruises and bruises. If there is no time at all, disguise yourself.

It`s a blessing that cosmetic companies now produce a lot of money – consoles, proofreaders in the form of a palette, a pencil, in tubes and jars with tassels and sponges.

Consoles are of different shades and consistencies. To mask the bruise is better to use a more dense means: it will lie denser and will not spread.

Depending on the stage of”blooming” of the hematoma, you need to use different color shades. The greenish color will muffle the redness of the bruise. A purple-colored consort disguises the descending bruises in the pale yellow stage. The yellow masking agent neutralizes the blue-lilac bruise.

The proofreaders make it possible to mute the”war paint”. Completely disguise it is possible descending hematomas in the stage of pale yellow color.

You can recommend the correctors De Clie in the palette, containing all of the above color gamut, the Dermacolor series to correct the noticeable defects. These products have an elastic dense consistency. The corrector is applied pointwise to the area of ​​the contusion and the edges are gently shaded. If the product is thin, you need to wait until it dries slightly on the skin. After having finished with the problem zone, you need to apply a tonal cream on the face and powder the place with crumbly powder in a tone slightly darker than the tonal shade.

The final touch of your extreme makeup can be stylish glasses with darkened glasses, if you need to cover the bruise under the eye.

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