How to make a cat’s eyes

How to make up the cat`s eyes

      First of all, you need to choose the most advantageous color scheme. This makeup is well combined with any shades of colors, so be guided only by your own taste. For daytime make-up, matte pastel shades can be chosen, and for bright and evening make-up – bright shades, you can use shadows with brilliance.

It is very important to pay attention to preparing the person for applying makeup. A mandatory step is the cleansing of the face. After that, it is applied with a make-up base, followed by a masking agent. The eyelids are covered with the selected shadows completely.

Then comes the most important and important moment – the application of arrows. From the way you inflict them, your entire image will depend. If you hurry and draw a line uncertainly, then it will turn out to be a curve. It is best to start work from the upper eyelid. But pay attention to the fact that in no case can it be dragged aside, as this often leads to the fact that the line is bent. Apply liquid podvodka with a confident movement of the hand, starting from the inner corner and moving to the outside. It is important that the line was as close to the eyelashes as possible. The closer the outer corner of the eye – the thicker the line should be. Near the very edge of the century, the line must be smoothly bent upward.

At the end of work with the upper eyelid, proceed to the bottom. It is brought in exactly the same way from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. Both lines must be connected smoothly and gently. A piece of leather enclosed between the lines is best painted over with a liner. The inner corner of the eye is supplied by any dark shade.

It is believed that the thinner the line – the more modest looks makeup and vice versa, than the line is thicker – the sexier and more refined looks the completed image.

Special attention is paid to the eyebrows. They should have a clear shape, which can be achieved with a pencil, special shadows and wax. At the end of painting eyelashes. They should look long and clearly separated.

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