How to make a hair style in the 60’s style

How to make a hairstyle in the style of the 60`s

      In the sixties in the fashion industry there was a real revolution. There were glamorous hairstyles with the use of naches, which helped to give hair volume. In addition to hair loss, to create hairstyles, women began to use false hair and wigs, which gave the hair the necessary thickness, height and splendor. Thin and liquid hair ceased to be a problem for women. Short haircuts also affected the changes in the sixties. Now they get the geometry and clarity of the lines.

Unbelievably fashionable in those years was the”babette” hairstyle. For this hairstyle is used naches or false strands. Babette is built on the vertex and creates an elegant image in retro style. To make such a hairstyle, you will need a comb to create a fleece, several hairpins and hairpins, a massage hair brush, a hair band and a rim to complete the hairstyle.

Separate the front strands and strands on the temples and chop them up. You will not need them yet. Collect all the remaining hair in a high tail and fasten them with a hair straightener. Scrub the hair in the tail along the entire length and sprinkle them with a strong hairspray hair. When applying the varnish, try to fluff the hair. Apply varnish from all sides.

Carefully brush the top of your tail with a brush. This should be done in such a way that the top of the hair is not confused, but also the rest of the hair remains. Otherwise, the desired volume will be lost. Turn the tip of the tail under the tail and clip it with the studs. You should have something like a kolobok on the top of your head. Put them on top of the tail, brush and fasten with a varnish. Smooth from the top with a brush.

Pinch the remaining tail and pin it under the tail. To complete the image, put on a bezel.

Such a hairstyle will look good with a small black dress and a pearl necklace.

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