How to make a manicure original

How to make a French manicure original

For many seasons in a row fashion designers make accents on bright colors, so why not to diversify and classic French manicure? Familiar for all the jacket suggests painting the tip of the nail in white, while the entire nail plate is covered with a varnish of pink or flesh tinge. This combination can be diversified by swapping them. Fan french – the so-called manicure, in which the tip of the nail remains transparent, while the nail bed is covered with an opaque varnish of any color.

Gold and shades of bodily – this is also a classic, but not for the French manicure. The golden tip of the nail instead of white will look original and at the same time will not seem too pretentious for business style. In addition, the”gold-plated” fingers have already become a stylish trend thanks to the support of yellow metal elements in accessories and clothing. A yellow or orange strip on the nail will be very relevant in conjunction with eye shadows of the same color, especially in the fall. Green, blue, lilac – shades are not less popular in summer, including in combination with each other. Clear lines are replaced by a blurred, explicit border between white and natural smooth transition from lighter to darker.

Such a jacket-manicure is more difficult to make than usual, but it looks very unusual. A wavy, diagonal or V-shaped line instead of the usual arc is a variant close to the classics in terms of color, but the devotees of strictly classical style will appreciate it in geometric forms. You can also apply on the line of transition from one color to another sequins or rhinestones, use different patterns.

Lacquer miniature on the nails – this seems impossible. Nevertheless, today the masters of nail design are able to apply the most unimaginable patterns. Modern French manicure can be made not by a banal strip of white or any other color varnish, but by a real ornament of flowers and curls, wavy lines and other patterns. Feeling of style, imagination and creativity can transform”boring” classics into a real work of art.

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