How to make a manicure with sparkles

How to make a manicure with sparkles

      Prepare the nails before you begin to decorate them – make a bath, remove the cuticle, treat the free edges of the nail, giving them the desired shape. Degrease the nail plates with a special agent or nail polish remover. Apply a drop of white acrylic on the free tip, smearing it in the form of a smile. To do it neatly, glue a special stencil on the nails – after the acrylic dries, you will need to remove the stencil and you will get a straight line. Apply on the entire nail varnish base shade – transparent, pastel, pinkish, etc.

Wait until the lacquer dries, and then apply a layer of clear gel on it and, without waiting for it to dry, put a little spangles on the tip of the nail. If you throw in spangles with your hands, then they will not be distributed, so use a thin brush. Type it a little shiny pieces and gently blow on the brush so that the sequins hit the tip of the nail. This version of the manicure with sparkles will give the nails a natural look – depending on the color of the sequins, they will look either powdered with snow, or strewn with colorful confetti, etc. From the top, cover the nails with a layer of transparent gloss to fix the result.

The second option for creating a French manicure with sparkles is using a brilliant acrylic. Finished compositions with micro dust do not require additional manipulations with varnish or stencils, so making such a jacket can be easily and quickly. Simply treat the tips of the nails with acrylic with sequins and fix the manicure with a layer of colorless varnish.

If you want to make a jacket with sparkles on acrylic nails, then follow this sequence:

– Cover the nails with a transparent gel (make a backing);
– Extend the nails, forming long tips with a modeling composition (under tips or shape)
– Treat the nails with an ultraviolet lamp;
– fill the edge of the nail with sequins or micro dust with a dense and heavy texture;
– fasten the sequins under the lamp for no more than a minute;
– remove excess sparkles with a brush;
– Apply a layer of colorless gel.

You can pre-mix the modeling gel with a small amount of sequins and lay out the edge of the nail with a ready-made compound.

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