How to Make a Stylish Tail

How to make a stylish tail

Make a fashionable”tail” easy. Wash your hair and dry your hair. If curls curl – remove the waves with a special straightener. Lower your head down and apply a little varnish to the roots to give volume. Comb your hair up to the vertex. Secure them with a simple rubber band. Decorate the”tail” with a beautiful pin or handkerchief.

If you are wearing a bang, put it forward so that it covers your forehead and eyebrows. The remaining locks tie in the”tail”. If the hair is long – wrap the tip under the elastic – now it`s very fashionable. Slightly scratch them to give volume. Fix your hair with a varnish.

You can build a fashionable bundle in several ways. The first is the easiest. Lower your head down and sprinkle your hair with styling. Do not comb. Make a bunch on the vertex, just wrapped the curls around you and tie them with an elastic band. Instead, you can use a hair clip, scarf, tape. Everything, that will be near at hand.

The next version of the beam is somewhat more complicated in execution. Comb your hair back. Bite a not too tight braid. Tie it with an elastic band. Wrap the free tip of the braid around the base. Secure it with hairpins -“invisible” in several places so that the curls hold and form a bundle. Spray it with varnish. Decorate the styling with a large hairpin or an artificial flower.

There is a fashionable hairstyle that can be made even from medium length hair. Locks in the occipital part scratch, fix with varnish and make a bunch. To keep it, insert the studs. The remaining hair, not pinned, lift up and lay around the bundle. Pull a needle or a sharp end of the comb a few strands to make the hair look natural. Secure with styling. Add stylish accessories in the tone of the costume. Fashionable hairstyle is ready.

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