How to make an aquarium on nails

How to make an aquarium on the nails

      “Aquarium” on the nails serves its owners as long as the nail itself. And if the landlady wants to diversify the list of nails, then from above can apply any image using a varnish. Then you can wash the varnish without any consequences. The surface of the nail and the three-dimensional image from below will remain unchanged.

Aquarium design is applied only on the nails after the build-up. Inside the nail is a pattern. In this case, build-up is created by using colored acrylics. If desired, the drawings are complemented with dried flowers, sequins, sequins and foil. Then the acrylic material is covered with the entire nail. The effect is as if the pattern is under water and covered with a bulk glass.

Then the nails are covered with a new layer of modeling substance. This base, or tips, is a thin plate consisting of a gel or acrylic. It determines the length of the nail, which should result from the design. Then, with the help of modeling, a relief pattern is applied. The master presses the brush to give the pattern an acrylic shape. Then he applies decor and paint from acrylic. Then the nail is covered with a modeling composition.

Then it is poured, polished and polished. After this, the nail is covered with a protective coating. Thus, acrylic nail extensions are complemented by original design. When you feel the nail, you get the impression that it is natural, as it is very smooth, as if there is no pattern on it.

At first glance everything looks as if there is a lot of extra space in the nail. And the drawing thus looks bulky and transparent, like water in an aquarium. This design of nails is also called internal acrylic. Because in the process of its creation, two types of nail art are used at once: nail acrylic acrylic and convex acrylic modeling.

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