How to Make Coffee Scrub

How to make a coffee scrub

      Coffee grains are rich in atioxidants, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron, and therefore coffee can often be seen in the list of components of the most effective cosmetics. In addition, the product is natural, which is also important. At home, it is easy to prepare coffee scrubs, which can become a powerful weapon in the fight against hated cellulite and other cosmetic problems.

To make a coffee scrub, take two to three tablespoons of ground coffee and mix with a portion of the shower gel. Now apply the product to the damp skin and massage for a few minutes. Rinse the coffee and enjoy the softness and softness of the skin.

This is the simplest recipe for coffee scrub. It is possible, to act even easier and more economically. Just use the coffee grounds left after breakfast. Of course, it should not contain traditional sugar and milk.

If there is time and desire, the composition of the coffee scrub can be enriched, making it even more useful and effective. Mixing the ground coffee or dried coffee grounds with yogurt, you will get an effective composition for deep peeling. Well, if you mix coffee with a raw egg, a spoonful of honey and a few drops of olive oil, then you will have an excellent remedy that will not only deeply cleanse the skin, but also rid it of toxins.

You can add any natural ingredients to the coffee scrub depending on the result you want to get. So, essential oils of citrus (orange, grapefruit, lemon) will strengthen the anti-cellulite effect of scrub. A salt or sugar – exfoliating.

By the way, in the fight against cellulite are good and coffee wraps. Mix the ground coffee with honey, cleanse the skin and apply the mixture to problem areas. Cover the treated areas with food film, and on top with a blanket or blanket. Rest for half an hour, and then rinse the composition. Just a few such procedures in conjunction with coffee peeling will permanently rid you of the unpleasant tuberosity in the hips and buttocks.

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