How to make curly hair on medium hair

How to make curls on average hair

      If your hair is slightly curly from nature, then it is necessary to exert very little effort to make them grow stronger. Wash your head, then pat the wet hair with a towel. Take a little tool for styling curly hair, spread it on the palms, then evenly apply to the hair. Shake your head and let the hair dry freely. The finished result can be sprinkled with a little varnish.

If your hair is straight from nature, then you`ll have to spend a bit more time laying. The easiest way to achieve beautiful curls on medium hair is to use hair curlers. There are several options. The fastest one is to use thermalbags. Take a saucepan, put curlers in it without clips, pour water, bring to a boil and let the curlers have ten minutes to puff, then drain the water. Apply hair to mousse or foam for styling, then wind the strands on the curlers, securing them with clasps. Walk with the curlers for 15-20 minutes, then remove them. If you want the curls to remain unchanged, then they just need to be adjusted with your fingers and fixed with varnish. If you want to have soft waves, not curls, then after removing the hair curlers hair should be combed with a massage brush, after which the result is fixed with varnish.

If you have a long time to prepare your hair, then you can use hair curlers, which are popularly called hedgehogs. Put on hair the means for packing, divide a hairdress on strands and wind on them hair curlers. Due to their barbed structure, they do not need to use additional clamps. Walk a few hours (until the strands are dry), or accelerate the drying process with a hair dryer.

There are also soft curlers in which it is comfortable to sleep at night. They need to be wound on dry hair, treated with foam for styling.

When using curlers, you should know some subtleties. If you want to get a haircut with large curls, you need to take large hair curlers, if you want to get small, then the diameter should be as small as possible. If you want to create a more inviting hairstyle, then alternate the small curlers with large ones – as a result, you will get wavy hair with an extra volume.

There is another way to get a quick wave of hair – it`s electric tongs or a curling rod. It should be used only on dry hair, while it is recommended to select styling products with thermal protection. It should also be borne in mind that a frequent waving curling can damage the hair severely, so if you prefer curling regularly, the stylists should use hair curlers.

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