How to make drawings for manicure

How to make drawings for manicure

      First you need to buy all the tools you need to work. You will need a set of special brushes for nail design. Although at first it will be quite enough and the usual pins to”fill your hand” in the art of creating the simplest compositions on the nails. For the drawings you can use both varnishes of different shades, and acrylic paints. To adjust the possible shortcomings and, at the same time, make the marigolds brighter, you can not do without the rhinestones or sparkles. However, in order to get rid of noticeable inaccuracies when drawing drawings, you will have to use a liquid to remove the varnish.

Ideas for future colorful compositions can be found anywhere. For example, on sites devoted to nail art or in glossy women`s magazines. Interesting findings in terms of nail design are sometimes found in conventional cosmetics catalogs. However, if you do not have the desire to follow the whims of famous and unknown masters, you can prepare sketches of future drawings and yourself.

And to start comprehending this art follows, of course, from the simplest – with lines and points. Remember drawing lessons in primary school. Surely you were not immediately offered to transfer to paper compositions from nature or depict a multicolored landscape. The same way – from simple to more complex – you will have to go through the art of nail design.

Apply a bitmap – with a certain pattern or without – you can just use a regular pin. But in order to hold clear lines on the nails, it is better to use a thin brush after all. Before you draw lines and apply points, you should prepare a foundation that would be combined in color with the future pattern. It can be a colorless varnish or a varnish of neutral shades (for example, light pink), superimposed on the marigold in two layers.

You can paint only after the base has dried completely. If you decide to create a simple pattern for the beginning, write down in advance on a sheet of paper, lines or points of what color will alternate and in what order. Large unsuccessful fragments with smeared paint or varnish are best removed with liquid (alas, together with the base), since nails, lavishly sprinkled with sequins or rhinestones to correct the picture, will look sloppy.

To fix the picture you created on the surface of the nails, use a colorless varnish. If the composition turned out really successful, you can save it for a long time, doing homework in gloves and from time to time restoring the picture.

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