How to make fashionable hairstyles with hairpins

How to make fashionable hairstyles with hairpins

      To create a hairdress with the help of pins is quite simple. And it does not matter what length you have hair – short, long or medium length.

Very popular are barrettes. With the help of such a wonderful accessory, you can create a raised hairstyle, fasten a tail or a bump on the top of the head.

Crocodiles – extravagant and useful hairpins. With their help, you can divide the hair into separate strands, and also to achieve the correct position of the bangs. In addition, crocodiles – excellent helpers in the matter of raising the curls on the temples.

The most elegant hairpins that help to make hairstyles for long-haired beauties are Asian sticks. With their help you can make a fashionable and at the same time simple hairstyle. First you need to tie a high tail on the vertex and fix it in this position with the help of a rubber band. Now you need to make a neat little knob – twist the tail clockwise around its center. When finished, gently secure it with an elastic band. The last stroke – pull the tip of the tail out of the center of the knob and fix the hairstyle with the sticks in the crosswise position.

Hairpins-combs – ideal if you need to create a beautiful hairstyle for the minimum period of time. They also serve as an excellent addition for hairstyles in the form of fleeces and bundles. You can fasten the comb in any place, where necessary. Beams, seashells, curls – all these hairstyles can be easily made with the help of a hair clip-comb.

Special piquancy of the image can be given with a hair clip, decorated with an unusual flower, rhinestones or other accessories. It will certainly attract attention.

The main rule that should be remembered – when creating a hairstyle, you must always use a varnish or fixing gel. This will not allow the hair to become disheveled and will retain the attractiveness of the hairstyle.

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