How to make stencils for nails

How to make stencils for nails

      The desire to have beautiful nails is always welcome, the owner of well-groomed pens and sexy marigolds constantly pay attention. Manufacturers of various firms offer a rich selection of ready-made stencils for the painting of nails, but they can be produced on their own.

Prepare the nails for the creative process. Remove the old varnish, previously softening the cuticle and the skin of hands in the bath with the addition of sea salt or liquid soap.

Give the nails the right shape, using a nail file. The classic shape of the nail – oval and almond-shaped is the most popular.

Stick the tape on the glass and cut out the desired pattern with a clerical knife. The pattern cut out on the stencil can be chosen at your discretion, however, it should be remembered that the obsessive, catchy drawing does not fit all clothing, and can quickly get bored.

Apply a colorless base to the nail, if you want the lacquer to last as long as possible. After complete drying, you can apply the base lacquer of the desired color. Note that base varnishes must be resistant.

Attach the stencil to the nail so tightly that no air bubbles appear, otherwise the varnish may spread during application, get under the stencil and the manicure will be spoiled.

To apply a stencil drawing you will need varnishes of contrasting colors. Use bright, quick-drying varnish coatings.

Apply the decorative varnish gently, without smearing movements, while using a makeup sponge or a foam brush (you can buy it in the store of hairdressing supplies). Remove stencils when the varnish is completely dry, otherwise you risk ruining the work.

Do not forget about the fixer, so your manicure will please the eye longer. It should be applied after the work is completely finished.

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