How to make the nose beautiful

How to make the nose beautiful

      Too long a nose is made visually shorter easily enough. To do this, you will have to experiment with two shades of tone – a little more light and, conversely, dark. Apply a light foundation on the center of the nose to the tip and gently shade towards the wings. Use a slightly darker base on the tip and equalize the border with a sponge. Your nose seems noticeably shorter! By the way, it is possible to divert attention from an overly prominent or long nose with the help of other techniques. For example, make a magnificent hairdress with a bang – it will draw attention to itself. It is also extremely important to follow eyebrows: eyebrows of natural width and”nazet” also attract the attention of the interlocutor to yourself, and also make the proportions of the face more harmonious.

If, on the contrary, the nose seems too wide, you can make it more elegant by the following method (“play” with hues in this case is accurate, but vice versa). So, we take a light basis (it is possible with light-reflecting particles) and we apply for the entire length of the nose, slightly shading in the sides. A darker shade of tone is applied to the wings of the nose and carefully shade with a sponge or brush. It is very important to smooth the boundaries well. You can also use bronze powder, though, the shade should not be too dark.

If you are not at all pleased with the charming snub nose, then you can apply the following trick: dark shadows or powder put a small dot on the bridge of the nose, then carefully shade it with a puff or brush, and at the tip of the nose, draw a light point, the boundaries of which can also be slightly leveled.

A nose with a prominent hump is often the cause of discontent among its owners. Make the back of the nose more harmonious and straight can be with the help of powder or shadows slightly darker than your main tone, shade. Draw two parallel lines along the sides, equalize the borders – and you`re done!

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