How to make the skin glossy

How to make the skin glossy

      Elastic, gentle, glossy skin is an indicator of health, excellent well-being and a pledge of a beautiful appearance. However, to make it exactly like this, you will have to work hard. The desired effect will be a complex of care procedures as well as a dosed application of decorative cosmetics. And care is needed not only about the face. Hands, feet, neck and décolletage also require care.

Naturally, the shine is inherent only in healthy and flawlessly manicured skin. Peeling, rashes, all kinds of irregularities in the epithelium make its surface dull. The dead cells can be removed from the surface of the skin with a scrub or a hard washcloth. For the body, funds are selected with large polishing particles – ground apricot stones, mineral powder or polyethylene granules. Scrub on the basis of sugar or salt with the addition of natural oils works well. At home, you can prepare your own polishing agent by mixing a shower gel with coffee grounds or semolina.

The face is treated with more gentle means – for example, peels based on fruit acids. Gel-like mass is applied to the skin, wait 15-20 minutes and rinse with water. The purpose of the procedure is to remove the dead cells and smooth the skin relief.

The frequency of exfoliation depends on the skin condition. Dermatologists do not recommend using scrubs more than twice a week. Acid peelings can be applied every 7-10 days, sensitive and dry skin is treated even less often. But not too hard washcloths and face brushes can be applied daily. They not only polish the surface, but also stimulate the blood flow, providing the skin with a healthy color and shine.

Cleaned skin should be moistened. Creams, emulsions, lotions are best applied to a wet body or face, in the morning and at bedtime. To enhance the effect of the cream is recommended to put a thin layer of serum. It is able to strengthen the moisturizing properties of lotion or milk, and in addition to tighten the skin, improve its color and nourish with useful trace elements.

The last item for creating glossy skin is decorative cosmetics. It will consolidate the result created by the care procedures. In a light body cream, you can add a little autosunburn – after applying the mixture the skin will acquire a radiant, well-groomed appearance and healthy color. On sale there are special creams with light-reflecting particles, body oils with the addition of sparkles and powders with the finest golden or silvery shimmer. All these products not only give the skin gloss, but also take care of it, creating an additional protective film.

Decorative products are applied to dry skin after moisturizing cream or instead. Extrude a little oil or gel on your hands, rub it in your hands and apply it in circular motions to open areas of the body. Please note that funds with large shines are more suitable for the evening. But creams with delicate moist radiance are quite appropriate in the day – they do not give a bright shine, but only inform the skin of a healthy gloss.

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