How to make the skin pale

How to make the skin pale

      There are many natural products with a whitening effect, for example, lemon, cucumber, milk. From them at home, you can prepare masks and lotions. For example, an effective action is a lotion of a mixture of lemon juice, egg white and olive oil. To prepare such a remedy, take three tablespoons of lemon juice, one spoon of butter and a single egg protein, mix everything thoroughly. Apply on the skin for ten minutes, and then remove it with milk at room temperature. This method can be used at any frequency without danger to health. Holders of dry skin is recommended to keep the face mask for no longer than five minutes.

Make the skin pale also a mask of milk and flour, which must be mixed, until the consistency of a thin dough is achieved. Apply the mask on the skin, leave for ten minutes, then remove it with warm water. Such a tool will not only make your face noble porcelain, but also moisturize his skin.

Here is another effective recipe for whitening masks from natural products: you need to rub the cucumber on a fine grater, add a spoonful of vegetable oil (preferably olive) or a spoonful of vodka (if you have oily skin). Apply this mask to your face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Mix finely chopped cabbage with kefir in equal proportions, apply to the skin for 20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. For oily skin, you can use not fresh, but sauerkraut, and instead of kefir you can take yogurt.

Wipe the skin several times a day with lemon peel, stems and leaves of parsley or a slice of melon. You can also experiment with other bleaching products (green peas, sour cream, cottage cheese, almonds, onions) and prepare your own masks.

Known clotting agent is clay. It can be bought in any store with cosmetics: there are different types of clay, white is the best one. Every day do clay masks. Buy special scrubs and peelings for skin whitening – they contain components that give the person a matte whiteness. In addition, any scrub removes dead cells from the skin surface, contributing to the gradual disposal of sunburn.

Cosmetic salons offer skin whitening services. For example, the procedure for peeling with AHA-acids is very common. Unlike the folk remedies listed above, this method works faster.

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