How to make volumetric curls

How to make three-dimensional curls

      A standard reception, thanks to which hair was given to the hair by our grandmothers, it`s hairy. Having combed hair to the crown, you can lift up your hair a little, and if you grow your curls yourself, they will look bigger. You will need a comb with sparse denticles and a hair spray, with which you will fix the result. The hairstyle will look a little sloppy, which adds to your image of naturalness.

If your hair is curled, but you do not want to spend time laying it out daily in a beautiful and comfortable hairstyle, then make a cascading or multi-layered haircut. The very principle of hair arrangement of different length makes such a hairdo volume, and if you have your own or chemically curled curls, your head will look as if you just left the hairdresser. All laying activities will consist in fixing the hair combed against hair growth.

Large curls on short hair are created with the help of large curlers. The top layer of hair leave untouched – fasten them on a vertex or collect an elastic band. All that is left, wind on the curlers of a suitable diameter – the longer the hair, the larger the rollers can be. Swirling hair moisten with fixative, which does not glue the hair, but gives them bulk (mousse or foam). Direct the jet of hot air from the hair dryer to the curls, dry them for a few minutes. Wait until the hair is cool, then carefully remove the curlers, trying not to break the shape of the curls. Brush them with a brush with rare bristles or leave it so – treat the hairdo with a varnish.

Short haircuts can be made larger by drying the hair after washing against their growth and before lubricating the roots of hair on one side with cosmetic wax. He well holds the shape of the hair, which will rise slightly, and the hair will look lush. To maintain the health of hair with regular use of styling products, make nourishing masks, rinse them after washing and periodically arrange them rest – do not scratch, dry naturally, do not use varnish and other fixing compounds.

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