How to measure the size of the pelvis

How to measure the size of the pelvis

      To measure the size of the pelvis, you will need the help of another person, as doing it yourself is simply impossible. Very good, if you in this difficult matter will help a doctor. He will not only determine the size as accurately as possible, but he will also issue a verdict: to give birth through caesarean section or by natural means.

First of all, the doctor should visually inspect the pregnant woman. The so-called”Michaelis rhombus” can tell a lot about the structure of the pelvis. This site is located on the back. It must correspond to the shape of the inverted square. If the doctor sees that the lateral corners are slightly shifted toward each other, this indicates a narrow pelvis, which means that natural births are called into question.

After this, the doctor must go to measure pelvic bones. For this purpose, there is a special measuring device called a tachometer. The patient is asked to lie on the couch with the stomach up, the ends of the tasomer are placed on the anterior superior awns of the iliac bones (2). The results are recorded. Then measure the place between the distant points of the crests of the above bones, it is located just above the previous measurement site (1).

Then the ends of the tazomer are placed on the trochanter of the femurs, they are located just below the waist (3).

After that, the doctor should know the smallest size inside the pelvis. For this, the patient is asked to turn on her side, bend the underlying leg in the knee and hip joint. One end of the tasomer is placed on the pubic bone, behind which is the symphysis of the symphysis, and the second end – on the sacral region. The result is subtracted 9 cm, so the obstetrician will determine the true size of the conjugate. If it is less than 10.5, in most cases, doctors appoint a cesarean section.

To determine the pelvic size as accurately as possible, you can undergo an X-ray examination of the pelvis, the examination is done only in the last months of pregnancy, since before this period the baby`s bones are not yet sufficiently formed.

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