How to paint a coat

How to paint a coat

      You will need:

– Rubber brush;
– paint for clothes4
– water and vinegar.

Notice that painting a coat on your own is quite difficult. And if you are unsure of yourself, then for help it is necessary to turn to specialists from any dry-cleaner, where, taking into account all your recommendations and wishes, the master will select the best option for the dye for your outerwear.

If you are determined to update your coat yourself, please note that at home it`s easiest to repaint things brown and black. For colored outerwear, choosing the appropriate paint is much more difficult. As an optimal option in this situation, it is worth considering the repainting in the dark color of a light coat.

So, first check the product label. It is necessary to do this in order to determine from what material it was sewn. Most often it is wool, cashmere, tweed or half wool fabric. Such things can be repainted with paint for wool. And you can find it in any specialized store of household chemicals.

Before you do the preparatory work for the painting, clean up the outer clothing. With a damp cloth or rubber brush, thoroughly clean it from various types of dirt. Do not forget about stains, it is desirable to withdraw them, because there is no guarantee that the dye will ultimately hide these stains.

Then determine the required amount of paint. To do this, weigh the clothes and on the packaging of the dyeing agent read the instructions, where the required amount of dry powder should be indicated, based on the weight of the garment.

To dye the product of wool, dilute it in boiled water. Add the vinegar to the solution in the amount indicated in the instructions. And then proceed according to the algorithm, which is also indicated in it.

Result fix with a one-two percent solution of vinegar. After that, dry the product in the open air.

If you act, consistently following all the points specified in the instructions attached to the dye, then there will not be any unexpected results in the end. And the coat will get a second life.

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