How to paint eyes brunettes

How to paint eyes brunettes

      Makeup artists divide all the brunettes into three color types. Representatives of the first have blue-black hair, swarthy skin and black or dark-brown eyes. A bright representative of this type is Salma Hayek. The second color-type is brunettes with fair skin and brown or brown-green eyes. Among the stars with this appearance are Audrey Tautou and Anne Hatway. Representatives of the third color – a girl with fair skin and light gray, blue or green eyes. This type can be attributed to Megan Fox.

The burning brunettes of the first color-type are categorically not fit beige, white, gray and yellow shadows. If you want to emphasize the eyes with light shadows – take a pale pink. To make the look attractive, you just need to make black eyeliner. You want to make an even greater effect – emphasize the outer corner of the eye with a black eyeliner, and the inner corner with brown or dark gray. For daytime makeup use golden, gray or brown shadows, and for the evening – shimmering black, saturated pink, purple or blue.

Light-skinned brunettes with dark eyes for makeup are best suited for muted shades – lilac, blue or dark gray. Use piping should be very neat – thick lines on light skin will look vulgar. If you want to make your eyes as bright as possible, instead of liquid eyeliner, take coal shadows, apply them around the eye contour and shade.

Dark-haired girls with light eyes are a fairly rare color-type. To select the eyes, you should use the piping – gray or brown. Shade of shades choose not too bright – blue, gray, malachite, pink, lavender.

Almost all brunettes are covered with smoky makeup. Apply to the inner corner of the eye bronze, brown or silver shadows, and on the outer – black or dark gray. Thoroughly shade and use eyeliner or carbon shadows. If you have bright eyes – for the outer corner of the century, take shiny or muted gray shades. Eyebrows carefully comb and fasten. If they are not too dark – tint them with coal shadows. Finally, apply mascara – two layers if the eyes are dark, or one if the eyes are bright.

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