How to paint nails

How to paint nails

      It is not necessary to count on the fact that without the presence of experience, you can immediately create monumental compositions. For those who ask a question about how to paint nails, the answer is simple enough: you should start with simple divorces on the main background or geometric shapes.

Before you start creating a picture, you need to prepare all the necessary accessories. First of all, these are varnishes of different color palette and objects, by means of which the pattern will be applied. It can be thin brushes, toothpicks, needles. As you gain experience, you can create and voluminous work using acrylic powder, but this requires practice.

Lessons of nail painting are suggested to begin with the preparation of the nail bed itself. It should be smooth and smooth, only on such a base base will be kept qualitatively. The easiest way, with which you can create drawings on nails, is a stitch with a needle or a stick, on which is a drop of varnish of a different color. The varnish on the instrument should be evenly distributed. If the drop is too large, then it is unlikely to create clear and identical lines.

The type of divorce depends only on the imagination. It can be a sun with rays spreading all over the nail or a web. Chaotic lines also make the manicure more original. On the nail, you can draw anything: a chess field, simple vertical or horizontal lines with interspersed drawings of a different color. As the final element, you can focus on the hands, adding a manicure rhinestones. But it is important not to overdo it. It is better, if a small stone will decorate only one nail, rather than all 10 fingers will shine and pour, reminding a New Year tree.

Having mastered the simplest technique of working with pictures on nails, you can use more complex stencils that are available in free sale. With their help on the nails can shine like scarlet poppies, and water smoothness.

On top of the beauty obtained, it is desirable to cover with a fixer or a colorless varnish, which finally level the surface of the nail and allow to save the manicure.

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