How to properly stimulate the brain

How to properly stimulate the brain

Modern dynamic time, characterized by rapidly changing circumstances and opportunities, does not allow to devote much time to personal training and development. However, current techniques based on elementary exercises will tell how to properly stimulate the brain to make it work faster, more progressive, more creative.

So, the simplest exercise that can be used anywhere and anytime for both adults and children is to think up nouns for a given letter in a limited amount of time, for example, a minute. It would seem, children`s fun, that it can help develop? In fact, an unprepared person to perform this exercise properly is extremely difficult. At the first attempt, most people call a maximum of 10-15 words, whereas with the appropriate training the result reaches about 100 words per minute. Such an uncomplicated task excellently activates thought processes, trains stress resistance, develops memory and imagination. For a change, you can recall epithets and compliments to certain subjects and people, sounds, emotions or animals.

Another amusing technique, which develops such qualities as enterprising, progressive, non-ordinary, will help to stimulate the brain correctly. You can take any small object, the clip will fit perfectly, and come up with as many ways to use it. This process of inventing something completely new enthralls both children and adults.

It`s great to train your memory in such a way: at the end of the day, before going to bed, remembering the whole last day from breakfast and going to work, before coming home. This will take 15 minutes of your time, but they will definitely be spent with profit.

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