How to protect the senses

How to protect the senses

      Understanding the pricelessness of the sense organs comes only when problems begin. In the main, vision primarily suffers. On the eyes are incredible loads. Even when a person rests, as it seems to him, his eyes still work. Do not sit at the computer without interruptions.

Let the eyes rest every 40 minutes. Walk around the room, look out the window, you can just close your eyes for 5 minutes and relax. If you can not get away from urgent work, then blink more often. So the eye will receive the necessary moisturizing. Do not think that if you tear yourself away from the monitor and start watching TV, you change the activity and rest your eyes.

Reading rules are familiar from the school. In the first class, everyone was taught to sit properly, guide the light and take breaks during the reading process. But when they become adults, most people forget about these rules. Refuse the habit of reading in the twilight, especially lying down. Be sure to provide adequate lighting from the right side. Do not read while traveling, it`s better to dream about something pleasant – that`s the time and will pass quickly. And be sure to follow the rules of hygiene: do not rub your eyes with dirty hands, so as not to infect the infection. Beware of eye injuries.

Rumor also suffers, especially if you have a habit of listening to music on headphones. How often can you see young people listening to it so that even to people standing next to it it`s audible through the headphones. Refuse such a habit. Music should sound, not scream.

If you work in a noisy room, then use ear plugs. Always wash your ears with warm water and soap. Periodically clean them, but do not use sharp objects for this, but take special ear wax. Take care of your ears for a cold.

That the olfactory sways, then its loss at first sight does not have terrible consequences. But just imagine that you can not feel the freshness of the sea or the aroma of coffee, not to mention your favorite perfumes. So take care of your health and do not catch cold. If you are allergic, then, after consulting a doctor, take prescribed medications.

Of course, not all tasters, not everyone needs a subtle sense of the taste of the product. But what is so nice to feel all the delights of the dishes eaten. Therefore, refuse too hot and cold food, it also helps to keep your teeth. Do not smoke.

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