How to protect yourself from chickenpox

How to protect yourself from chickenpox

      The Varicella zoster virus belongs to the herpes group. After the first”acquaintance” with him, a person falls ill with chicken pox. Most windmills pass without a trace. After proper treatment, the body acquires a permanent immunity to it. However, settling in the body, Varicella zoster remains in the cells forever. The virus will”doze”. And one day he can remind himself of another disease – herpes zoster. In addition, people with poor health sometimes develop a complicated form of chickenpox, accompanied by myocarditis, encephalitis, lymphadenitis, etc. Pregnant and newborns are also at high risk.

The only specific method of preventing chickenpox is vaccination. In Russia, the first samples of the vaccine appeared in 2008-2010. For mass use, two drugs are allowed – the Belgian”Varilrix” and the Japanese”Okavax”. Both vaccines are”live”, i.e. contain a weakened virus. After its introduction, the body begins to increase the production of antibodies, which retains its activity for several years.

The chickenpox vaccine is not included in the National Prophylactic Vaccination Schedule. But it is often recommended for emergency prevention. Think about vaccination is, for example, not a chickenpox mum who cares for the child, or teachers during the school epidemic, etc.

The vaccine must be approved by a doctor. As with any drug, the chickenpox vaccine has contraindications and side effects. It can not be administered to children younger than 12 months, allergic people, pregnant women, as well as people with exacerbated chronic illness or who have undergone blood transfusion. Vaccination will have to be postponed in the rhinitis, angina, influenza and other acute infections with fever.

Other methods of chickenpox prevention are reduced to the cessation or at least reduction of contacts with the patient. A significant disadvantage of this method is that a person becomes infectious one day before the appearance of the first external signs. A smart virus quietly puts whole families, school classes and kindergarten groups on the bed.

Educational institutions are closed for quarantine if a certain threshold of morbidity is exceeded. At home, the patient needs to allocate a separate room, where other members of the family entrance will be limited. If the area of ​​the apartment is small, special attention is paid to wet cleaning and ventilation.

Healthy relatives should scrupulously observe the rules of personal hygiene: wash their hands with soap, do not use the towel and dishes of the patient, wash their bedding and clothes separately, etc. Do not ignore the traditional barrier methods of protection. Conventional medical masks are sold at every pharmacy. To wear it is necessary at dialogue with the patient, since the virus of chickenpox is transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets.

For preventive purposes, antiviral and immunomodulating drugs are sometimes taken. But the effectiveness of drugs for chickenpox is quite low, and harm to the body can be caused by improper dosage. Therefore, they can not be used without a doctor`s recommendation.

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