How to recover in the right places

How to recover in the right places

      If you want to get well, and so that the image in the mirror always pleased you, take care first of all about changing the nature of food and its mode. Your diet should be scheduled by the hour. Most scientists and nutritionists agree on what is right, it means there are small portions at least 5-6 times a day. And if you prefer three meals a day, then you should make additional light snacks.

As for the composition of the diet, it should be diverse and include a sufficient number of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as vitamins and trace elements. From protein foods that are”responsible” for the increase in muscle mass, give preference to chicken, lean beef, fish, cottage cheese and boiled boiled eggs (only do not overdo it, they should not be more than four per week).

Equally important in your diet are carbohydrates. But not”easy”, such as cakes, cakes or rolls, and those on which the body has to work. For example, potatoes, macaroni from wheat of solid sorts, oat and rice porridge, raisins, apples, avocados and bananas.

Of the fats, the most useful for you will be vegetable – sunflower, olive or soybean oil. It is especially good to fill them with raw vegetables – and fats are absorbed, and vitamins that are in the composition of butter and vegetables.

You can include in your diet and various vitamin and mineral complexes, as well as well-known food additives that athletes use specifically for weight gain. But you should not do this yourself. It is better to consult with specialists in advance.

If you want to get a beautiful, proportional figure, without gymnastics and sports you can not do. And, running, walking, aerobics and other excellent aerobic loads for your case are not suitable. You should pay attention to swimming and cycling, as well as classes in the gym.

You need a competent coach, which, given your age, individual features of the figure and the development of muscles, will help develop the necessary set of strength exercises. Usually, we recommend exercises with barbells and dumbbells, flailing and push-ups, attacks, etc. Do not be afraid that your figure will turn into a male. Two or three regular workouts a week for 40 minutes will not make you an athlete, but you will”work up” the appetite and round you in the right places

Your task is not only to supply the muscles with all the necessary substances and give them an incentive to grow, but also provide them with a full rest. It is known that they do not grow during training, but during rest, even in a dream. So try to sleep for an hour or two more than you usually used to. In addition, pay attention to the state of your nervous system. You should not be nervous, worry about trifles, for something self”gnaw” and scold. Otherwise, with great difficulty, the kilograms you have collected will be burned before your eyes. And you do not strive for this at all.

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