How to reduce hair growth on your legs

How to reduce hair growth on the legs

      First you must carefully examine your body for excessive hairiness. If on the legs and hands there is a light, gentle light-colored fluff – this does not affect your beauty in any way. Therefore, you should not worry.

If the hairs are longer and painted black – this already causes discomfort and needs to be dealt with.
Today`s cosmetic industry offers a huge selection of remedies for removing excess hair. It can be various creams for depilation. They take care of your skin very carefully and are easy to use. They need only be applied to the skin and withstood the specified time. Then under a stream of water to remove a special scapula, not applying thus soap and shower gels.

Wax strips or plates are also used to remove hair. This process is much more painful, but according to experts, after such a procedure, the hair grows much more slowly.

A good effect is provided by the epilator. It practically does not cause pain, but it destroys the root system of the hair. After its application unwanted hair appears much less often and become thinner.

To reduce hair growth, after all these procedures, use special creams that help to remove inflammation of the skin and slow the growth of hair. Carefully apply the cream to the treated parts and gently rub it into the skin.
A good effect of removing inflammation give lotion from the decoction of chamomile. Brew a spoonful of flowers with a glass of boiling water, let it brew and wadded with a cotton disc moistened in this broth wipe your feet.

Slow down the growth of hair on the legs and compresses from the juice of potatoes. Wipe a couple of potatoes on a small grater, squeeze and get the juice with a bandage with the help of a bandage. You can even put a napkin in a juice, put a film on top and hold it for ten minutes. After that, always lubricate the legs with a special cream.
But the use of an ordinary razor for shaving is undesirable. After such a procedure, the hair will quickly grow back and, besides, you can get a microtraumatic skin.

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