How to reduce prednisolone

How to reduce prednisolone

      Drugs that contain prednisolone are taken with many joint diseases, bronchial asthma, various allergic reactions, systemic connective tissue diseases, etc. It successfully removes traumatic, burn and anaphylactic shock. Ophthalmologists use prednisolone to treat inflammation of the eyeball.

The form and dosage of the drug should be chosen by the doctor. It is very dangerous to take prednisone uncontrollably. On the background of hormonal treatment, serious side effects may appear. That`s why physicians prescribe prednisolone, only when other drugs have proved useless.

“Leave” from prednisolone is started after the reduction of the main symptoms and the normalization of the test results. However, the doctor may cancel the drug also in the event that its side effect is very strong. If hormonal therapy was used in an emergency situation for no more than 3 days, you can stop taking prednisolone immediately, without fear of the occurrence of withdrawal syndrome.

For patients who are on long-term care, the physician should choose the optimal dosage reduction scheme. The fact is that after 2-3 weeks of treatment the ability of the adrenal glands to produce a natural hormone decreases. To return it to normal, the intake of synthetic prednisolone in the body is reduced gradually. The rate of decline is affected by the duration of treatment and the daily intake taken.

With a short course of therapy (from 3 days to 2 weeks), it is acceptable to take 25-50% less medication daily than the day before. For example, the doctor prescribed 1 cup of prednisolone per day for arresting an attack of rheumatoid arthritis. After 5 days of treatment, the patient became much easier. The doctor starts to lower the dose and prescribes the scheme: the sixth day of treatment – 3/4 tablets, the seventh day – 1/2 tablets, the eighth day – 1/4 tablets, the ninth day – not to take.

Lowering prednisolone after three weeks of treatment, the doctor is guided by the amount of the initial dose. The general rule is this: the more medication the patient took at the beginning, the faster it can be canceled. For example, from a daily dosage of 60 mg, the doctor will take 5 mg every week, i.e. a whole pill.

After bringing the dosage of prednisolone to an average, the rate of withdrawal should be slowed down and closely monitored by the body`s response. Of the daily allowance of 40 mg, 2.5 mg (1/2 tablet) per week can be subtracted. When the patient feels good, taking 30 mg of prednisolone per day, go for a two-week period of dose reduction. First remove 1/2 tablet, and with 10-15 mg – 1/4 tablets.

The slowest process of cancellation is when the daily dose of prednisolone approaches the physiological norm (5-7.5 mg per day). During this period the doctor can additionally prescribe ascorbic acid and vitamin E. These drugs stimulate the work of the adrenal cortex, helping the body restore the rhythm of hormone production.

In some cases, pain returns, weakness, headache, accompanied by mood swings and poor appetite. The doctor will return the patient to the previous dosage and continue on it for another 2-3 weeks. In the next attempt to”care” of prednisolone, you need to remove a smaller amount of the drug, for example, not half the tablet, but only 1/4.

During the cancellation period, you should carefully monitor the main clinical indicators: body temperature, blood pressure, blood and urine. The patient should maintain close contact with the doctor. It is important to immediately tell the doctor about all the painful and just unpleasant sensations that occur against the background of a decrease in prednisolone.

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