How to reduce tattooing

How to reduce the tattoo

      Many masters who work in the field of tattooing, without the appropriate knowledge and equipment, offer the simplest, but, unfortunately, the wrong way to change the low-grade tattoo for the better – to make the”overlap”. This method is that the old tattoo is painted with white or flesh color. The result of such a”correction” looks acceptable for a maximum of a month. After this time, the body color turns to dirty yellow, and the old paint begins to appear.

The most unpleasant consequences of this result – the light paint is not removed by the laser. In this case, only an expensive plastic surgery will help.

A popular way to remove eyebrow tattoos and lips is peeling and microdermabrasion. Pigment removal occurs due to skin renewal. However, such procedures can not get rid of the tattoo of the eyelash line. This will require laser resurfacing and photorejuvenation. In the event that the tattoo is made of natural pigments, the flash unit will easily destroy it. For these procedures, contact a good cosmetologist or a natural medicine clinic.

The most gentle method of removing tattoo is to remove it with a neodymium laser that generates short pulses. Removal of permanent tattooing is done in the same way as when working with tattoos, but at a lower power. For one procedure, complete discoloration of the pigment can not be achieved, it will happen in four to seven sessions. The use of a neodymium laser is completely safe and practically painless. In place of the former tattoo, there will be no scars, and full healing will come in four to ten days.

Deciding on tattooing, think a hundred times. After all, one unsuccessful movement of the master can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

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