How to reduce the growth of the eyebrows

How to reduce the growth of the eyebrows

You can reduce the growth of eyebrows in two ways.

First – with the help of special tools that often cause allergic reactions and can harm your body and the second – by self-plucking eyebrows. This method will be discussed below.

First of all, I would like to note that you should not use razors to remove hair on the eyebrows, since, shaving your hair, it will grow even faster and faster.

Take a special pair of tweezers to pull out the hair. Such a cosmetic tool will allow you to get rid of unnecessary hair without unnecessary and unnecessary scratches. Wash your hands thoroughly, wipe the area around the eyelids with a make-up remover and comb your eyebrows with a special brush in the right direction.

To avoid sharp pain and reddening of the plucking area, moisten two cotton swabs in warm water, attach them to the eyebrows and leave for a few minutes (2-3), and then wipe the area around the eyebrows with any antiseptic.

Begin removing unnecessary hairs, tightly pulling the skin in that place. Plucking eyebrows should be made from the bottom up, along the line of hair growth.

Do not forget to wipe your eyebrows again with an antiseptic and correct their shape after 5-7 minutes, the redness will fall and you will clearly see the hair growth line.

In order to avoid unnecessary hair for a long time again, it is best to choose the appropriate days for the plucking procedure according to the calendar. So, it`s best to pluck your eyebrows in a defective Moon in the signs of Capricorn, Leo and Virgo or Aries and Taurus. If the time for is chosen correctly, then the hair will grow slowly, without requiring a weekly procedure.

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