How to relieve neck tension

How to Relieve Neck Stress

      Try to always align your back and neck when you walk, because stooping is also one of the main causes of neck muscle strain. Straighten, draw back the scapula, and the thorax, respectively, pull forward, lift your shoulders up, and then down and relax your shoulders and neck. Try to pay attention during the day on how you hold the shoulders, and lower them – many people have a bad habit of slightly lifting them, thereby increasing the strain on the neck.

A set of simple neck exercises that you can perform several times a day will help you eliminate pain in this place and restore blood circulation. They can be performed standing or even sitting at their desk. It takes only a few minutes of your time and your desire.

Push your palm onto your forehead and stretch your neck muscles, resisting pressing. Then relax, loosely head down.

Close your hands on the back of your head and press down on it. Then lower your arms and relax your neck as much as possible

Press the palm on the left temple, and then on the right and tighten the neck as in the first exercise, and then relax.
Repeat each exercise three times, straining your neck, and then relaxing it.

Straighten. Slowly and without sharp movements, turn your head in one direction, and then in the other direction for 5 times.

Put your head on your chest, relax your neck, and then, without lifting your head, turn your chin toward the clavicles. Do this movement 10 times to the left and right, gradually increasing the amplitude.

Tilt your head back, relax the neck muscles. In this position,”roll” the head from side to side 20 times.

Maximize your shoulders and lower them down. Then begin to pull up the crown of the head, while trying to slightly (and very carefully!) Turn your head to the right and left. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

You can also remove neck tension by regularly doing massage. This will be a good prevention of cervical osteochondrosis.

Press the palms of your hands to the back of your neck and stroke it from the top down from the middle to the shoulders.

Stretch your neck in circular motions with your finger pads (push harder than in the first exercise).

Pinch and knead the muscles of the neck and shoulder pads, grabbing them with your thumb on one side and the four on the other.

Pat your toes and neck with your fingertips, starting from the middle and up to your shoulders. Hands leave relaxed.

Finish the massage with strokes.

This self-massage, held several times during the day, will restore the good condition of the neck.

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