How to remake an old dress

How to remake an old dress

      Put on the dress that you want to remake, and alternately apply to it different decorative elements. Atlas, silk, viscose, chiffon perfectly combined with lace. If the item is sewn from these fabrics, try to make it elegant with the help of a beautiful, beautiful lace. They can handle the neck, make inserts into sleeves, sew on the bottom of the skirt. Do not be afraid to change the style of the dress, because your goal – to get a completely different, not like an old thing.

Shorten the dress, make a new cut on the back, cut off the sleeves. From a strip of lace and a flap that you cut off from the hem, sew a new belt. Cutout and armholes carefully sew the same lace. That`s all, you got an elegant original dress.

If the product has buttons, with the help of new fasteners, you can completely change the look of the thing. Fittings with a contrasting satin or a silk bright cloth. The same can be done with a belt buckle, or else strip this cloth on the belt itself.

Usually a thing that has been worn for a long time, the collar and sleeve material wears away. In this case, expand the neck and change the shape of the sleeve or cut them completely. Slicers can be quickly and easily processed with oblique bikes.

The hem of the summer dress is revived with ruffles from another, but suitable fabric and lace. Try to execute the product in an ethnic style. Extend the skirt of the dress with frills, trim with decorative braid with bright ornament. Choose a leather, suede strap or make a belt of wooden rings and cord. Cut the neck with beads and beads.

Disguises dresses (holes, stains) with a patch pocket, homemade chiffon bow, embroidery or appliqué. One-tonnoe product can be updated cardinally, sewing a lace cover of contrasting color. Original knitted inserts on a dress from a light air fabric look original. Choose knitted flaps of the right color. Sew them symmetrically on the sides of the dress and on the sleeves cuffs.

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