How to remove a bruise in one day

How to remove a bruise in one day

      As soon as you notice a bruise that is usually accompanied by swelling, apply ice to the bruise, first wrapping it in a thin tissue to prevent frostbite. If there is no ice at hand, you can substitute a place with a bruise under a stream of cold water.

After the disappearance of the tumor in place of the bruise, you can begin to warm it up – this will help it to resolve more quickly. Heat a handful of salt in a frying pan, put it in a woolen sock or any other woolen thing and keep in a sore spot for 30-40 minutes. If your home has a hot-water bottle, you can do without salt and warm up the bruise with the help of a hot water bottle.

To completely get rid of the bruise after warming up, it is recommended to apply an iodine mesh on it. But you should do this only if you have several hours to absorb it. If you have too little time, then you can use this trick – apply a reticulum from iodine, and after about an hour, spread the same place with a fat cream for the face, which will help iodine to absorb faster.

You can quickly remove the bruise and compress from cabbage. Take a leaf of cabbage, rinse it and beat it until the juice appears. Wrap a piece of cabbage leaf of the size you need in a thin rag, attach it to the bruise and hold such a compress for 20-30 minutes.

Very often, for fast disposal of bruise, they use a bodyguard, which is sold in a pharmacy in the form of a powder or gel. More effective is the use of powder, which must first be diluted with water in a proportion of 2: 1. Apply a thin layer of the mixture to the place of bruise. If you need to remove the bruise from the skin around the eyes, be very careful – on the sensitive skin of this area, the face of the water sponge can cause a burn. Take care that the bodyfat does not hit you in the eye, and do not forget that you can keep this remedy on your face for no more than 5-10 minutes.

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