How to remove a dental tumor

How to remove a dental tumor

      Start with sodo-salt rinses – spoon a soda and salt on a glass of boiling water, place well, wait until the solution has cooled to room temperature, and rinse their mouth as often as possible. Instead of a saline solution, you can use herbal infusions from chamomile, mint or sage. You can not warm the tumor, as this will lead to the spread of the purulent process to the surrounding tissues and increase swelling.

Apply compresses to the sore spot. Mix sugar powder (1 spoonful), one yolk, vegetable oil (1 spoonful) and spread the composition onto a sterile gauze pad folded several times. Apply the napkin to the sore gum – the compress relieves pain and reduces inflammation of the tissues. In an analgesic way, poultices from the herb of the mountaineer pochecuynoi act – fill the dry twigs with water, prepare the infusion and apply compresses or use a compound for frequent rinses. Fruits of figs have a good analgesic effect – boil several pieces in a small amount of water until a strong infusion. Wet a piece of gauze and put them to the place of the abscess.

Use essential oils to lighten your condition – clove oil or tea tree oil, diluted with the usual olive oil, you can lubricate the swollen gum. Pop one end of the cotton bud into the oil and gently gently gum the gum, especially carefully working out the junction of the gums and teeth.

You can try to remove the inflammation with the help of special anesthetic ointments”Kamistad”,”Calgel”. Their safe composition makes it possible to use such ointments even in children – rub a small amount of gel (roughly a pea) into a swollen place. Do this as often as possible, alternating rubbing with rinse mouth with herbal decoctions. If pus starts to go away, then leave only rinsing and lubricating the breakout site with antiseptic.

If home remedies do not bring relief, then consult a doctor – you may need to open a tumor, clean the gums and remove the purulent contents. It is important to ensure a good drainage of the jaw and antiseptic treatment of the wound.

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