How to remove an internal pimple

How to remove the internal pimple

      Internal pimples appear most often on the back, chest, hips, in the ears, less often on the face. A good soil for their appearance are areas of the body with a large number of hair bulbs. In men, furuncles focus, usually on the back and hips, and in women on the chest and buttocks. Their appearance is also due to the wearing of synthetic clothing, increased sweating, a violation of metabolic processes, a weakening of immunity.

Prevent the growth of internal pimples immediately after the appearance of a reddish tubercle on the skin. Lubricate it with an iodine solution of 5%, ethyl alcohol 70% or a solution of 2% salicylic acid. It is advisable to remove hair from the site of the infiltration. A few days after the appearance of acne, you can see at the site of its appearance necrotic rod. Accelerates the process of rejection of the rod of salicylic acid or salicylic crystalline sodium. The preparation should be treated with the area of ​​the developing necrotic stem of the furuncle and fixed with a bandage or bandage.

In folk medicine, there are quite a few recipes that help get rid of internal acne without consulting a doctor. It should also be noted that neither squeezing nor opening the internal pimple is impossible. Extrusion of one furuncle can easily develop into a disease – furunculosis. And this disease in some cases can threaten with various complications, including meningitis.

For a long time furuncles were treated with rye bread, which was mixed with cherry fresh juice, baked and applied warm to an abscess. Rye bread pulls out pus well and softens the pimple. Rye flour can also be mixed with honey and apply a mixture (consistency of wet clay) to the boil, covering it with compression paper and tying. Sprinkle the inner pimple with soda, and from above place an aloe leaf, which must first be cut into several layers. Bandage the pimple and leave it for two days (you can not wet it!).

At the same time, it is necessary to work on strengthening the body. To do this, it is useful to drink agrimony infusion (before meals three times a day), dog rose, and also take a multivitamin complex.

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