How to remove core corn

How to remove cores

      If you decide to remove the education yourself, then, most likely, you will not get anything – the root sits deep enough, and it will not be possible to cut it with improvised means such as a nail clipper. The only thing you can do is steam out the tissues and remove the cornified layer that covers the bonnet cap. Salt baths, steaming patches or compresses will change the skin condition, and with the help of soft pumice you can remove a layer of keratinized scales.

Contact the beauty salon – a specialist will determine the nature of the appearance of calluses and if he has any suspicions about the presence of the virus in your body, you will have to undergo a survey. If there is a need to drink antiviral drugs, as well as to carry out antibiotic therapy, then this will have to be done – otherwise relapses will haunt you for a long time.

The main methods of removing cores are:

– Cryotherapy – moxibustion with liquid nitrogen makes it possible to get rid of shallowly sitting calluses, since the specialist can not control the depth of the effect.
– Laser therapy is a similar but less traumatic method, which is also not considered to be effective enough.
– Drilling cores is considered the most reliable method – with the help of a special device the master removes skin areas using nozzles of different diameters. As a result, a depression is formed in which anti-inflammatory drugs are laid.

Of the popular methods of treatment of corns, the most effective is the cauterization of tissues with vinegar. In order not to touch healthy areas, in the adhesive plaster, cut a small circle corresponding to the diameter of the rod, and glue the strip on the corn. In the open hole, gently drip some acetic essence. Repeat the procedure several times until you succeed, and the corn will not disappear.

The corns are also treated with appliqués of fresh grated garlic or onions, compresses from hot burdock leaves, calendula tinctures. All these methods are aimed at softening the keratin formations and their subsequent removal – the rod problem can only be solved if the corns were not deep.

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