How to remove gel from nails

How to remove gel from nails

      Just”rip off” artificial nails can not in any case. If you do not properly remove them, then you can damage very real nails, because the gel will never go away, not”capturing” the upper layer of your nails, because of what they become uneven, brittle and dull.

It is rather difficult to remove the gel from the nails. Neither Acetone nor special professional liquid (Acrylic Remover) can neither soften it, nor dissolve it. Therefore, there is only one possible way – to cut gel nails. But it should be done with great care, as the border between the accreted and natural nail is almost invisible even for a specialist, and the risk of damaging the nail plate is great.

If you decide to remove the gel from your nails at home, then do not use a glass or metal with a notch (from a conventional set for manicure) a nail file, and also europempus. The saw should be chosen with an abrasiveness equal to 100-150 grit. Such a tool is rather rigid and is intended for artificial materials. With this nail file, you can layer the gel from the nail surface layer by layer.

While removing the gel, a small problem may arise before you: because of the appearance of the nail dust, it will be difficult for you to notice where the natural nail begins. To avoid this, periodically need to brush the dust with a brush and wipe the nail plate with a piece of cotton wool or cotton swab dipped in a liquid to remove varnish. So you can clearly see the border, because the gels and natural nails will get wet unequally.

If you can not cut all the gel, you can leave a small amount on the nails. It`s much better than damaging your own nails. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to grind and polish them. Then lubricate the surface with a special cuticle oil and apply a strengthening base.

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