How to remove hair forever at home

How to remove hair permanently at home


Do not throw shells from pine nuts – grind it and pour two tablespoons of shell with a glass of boiling water. Cook in a water bath for about 20 minutes, wait for the mixture to cool, then filter.
With the resulting decoction moisten a cotton swab or cloth and wipe the places that need to get rid of hair.


You can also cook cedar cones to make a resin out of them, and lubricate the skin with unwanted hair with the resulting broth.


Take 40 grams of seeds of dioecious nettle and insist for two months in 100 grams of vegetable oil. Lubricate the necessary places for two months.


Helps the vegetation on the body and the fresh juice of the green walnut, which need to lubricate the problem areas.


Grind the seeds of dope into powder and insist on vodka for three weeks. This compound also needs to be applied to the skin to remove hair.


Another remedy for excess hair is the juice of immature grapes. If you squeeze juice from a young grapevine and rub it into the skin, the hair will also be removed.


You can also use chemical means – mix 10 grams of quicklime and 10 grams of calcium sulphide. The resulting gruel lubricate the skin to remove hair, leaving the paste on the skin for half an hour. Take care that the composition does not hit the face and eyes.


Use a strong manganese solution to remove hair, but be careful with this method, since a strong manganese solution can cause skin burns. In addition, from a solution of manganese in a small amount of water, you can make baths for the bikini zone. Daily for 20 minutes, do the right place with a bath with manganese solution, until manganese burns and destroys hair bulbs.

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