How to remove impending eyelids

How to remove impending eyelids

      Swelling may appear due to water retention in the body, so it is necessary to minimize the use of salt. Avoid eye strain, do not watch TV for too long, the same recommendations apply to computer use, eyelid swelling is directly related to eye fatigue. To avoid the appearance of swelling over the eyes before bedtime, use special cosmetic creams. The outflow of fluid from the head and from the eyes will increase if you choose the right position for sleep. Those who have excess fluid accumulating in the eyelids should sleep on their backs.

To remove impending eyelids, apply ice cubes to them in the mornings, blood circulation will noticeably improve, and swelling will go away.

Do special gymnastics for the eyes, it trains the eye muscles and helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. Negative influence on the eyes of cigarette smoke and exhaust gases. Try to avoid being in smoke-filled premises, walk more in the fresh air.

Provoking an eyelid edema may cause an allergy attack. Watch your health, take dietary supplements that help cope with the allergy, do not eat the foods that cause it. Refuse to use cosmetics containing harmful substances, use hypoallergenic cosmetics for the eyes. Be engaged in physical education, not forgetting to strengthen immunity.

If impending eyelids are a consequence of heart, thyroid or kidney disease, treat the underlying disease.

Serious eyelid lesions can be treated surgically. This operation is called blepharoplasty. Conduct her surgeons, making a microscopic incision on the skin of the eyelid. The excess skin is removed, and then the muscles responsible for opening and closing the eye are corrected, the ligament work is corrected and the wound is sewn with a very thin seam which is not even visible afterwards. This operation takes less than an hour, it is done under local anesthesia. Sutures are removed after a couple of days, and a month later the traces from the operation do not remain at all. The plastic of the upper eyelids is not considered a complex operation, its results are usually positive, the work is not complicated, and the procedure itself is painless for patients.

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