How to remove irritation after epilation

How to remove irritation after epilation

      Whatever the method of epilation, during the procedure, the upper layer of the skin is injured. This can lead to irritation or other unpleasant consequences. Only proper and thorough skin care will remove the irritation or prevent its occurrence. Before the procedure, the skin should be exceptionally clean, and if you do hair removal yourself, you should not forget about hand hygiene.

In order to reduce the likelihood of irritation after epilation, immediately after the procedure, it is necessary to apply calming agents to the skin. As such, you can use an ordinary male lotion or shaving cream, baby powder, talc or a normal baby cream.

If, however, after a hair removal, a slight burning or tingling has appeared, the skin should be disinfected. This can be done with 70% alcohol, a solution of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol tincture of chamomile or calendula, as well as other alcohol-containing solutions. After all, these drugs not only kill the bacteria, but also narrow the pores of the skin, and therefore, make it the most attractive appearance. When disinfection of the bikini area, care must be taken – the alcohol should not get on the mucous membrane. Instead of alcohol solutions, you can use Miramistin or a solution of furatsilina, these drugs are considered to be more gentle methods of disinfection. After treatment, the skin should be lubricated with a moisturizer.

If irritation does appear, it can be treated with antiseptic ointments, as well as folk remedies. As a medicine for the skin used decoctions of celandine, chamomile or calendula, making lotions on the inflamed areas several times a day. A good effect is the oil of eucalyptus and tea tree, but it can not be used undiluted. A few drops of this oil should be added to the usual vegetable oil (1 to 2 tablespoons 2-3 drops are added), after which it can be lubricated by the skin. Quickly remove the irritation of the ordinary leaf of aloe, cut along and attached to the flesh pulp site. Before use, the sheet should be well washed and pricked.

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