How to remove red after a tanning salon

How to remove the redness after the solarium

      Before you go to the solarium, you should consult a beautician and find out what type of skin you have. And only after that choose a mode for visiting procedures. So people with sensitive skin should better limit themselves to short-term sessions of ultraviolet radiation (no more than 5 minutes), and intervals between visits to the solarium – to increase.

In order to reduce the strength of ultraviolet rays, you should also use special creams, which include D-panthenol – before and after the session. Such creams will prevent skin irritation and redness.

If, nevertheless, you did not manage to avoid unpleasant consequences after visiting the solarium, you should act, depending on how strong the burn was. And the fact that redness of the skin is a burn, there is no doubt. Especially if the skin first reddened, and then completely began to become blistered.

To begin with, you should take a cold shower right after the session. Do not get under the warm, in any case, so as to mitigate the possible pain! Remember how you usually do after a normal burn & amp; Correctly – substitute the burned part of the body for a stream of cold water or grease with vegetable oil. It will help in this case too.

Take some sunflower, burdock or olive oil and apply a lot of it to the affected areas of the body. If the code before it itched and hurted, after a few minutes you will feel relief, after which the oil can be washed off. If not – wash it off after 10 minutes and redness will soon pass.

Instead of vegetable oil, you can use sour cream or kefir. Spread sour cream on the reddened skin and, as soon as it starts to emit an unpleasant sour smell, wash it off and apply to the skin a baby cream (or any other that has a softening effect and smells much nicer).

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