How to remove redness on the face quickly

How to remove redness on the face quickly

      To your face disappeared without a trace of redness, try to touch it less. For sensitive delicate skin this is equivalent to the appearance of additional traumatic and irritating factors, in addition, there is a contamination of the face.

The medical paraffin, purchased at the pharmacy, is heated to a viscous state, but that it is not excessively hot. Wreathed, wound on a stick, gently apply it on the skin. After twenty minutes, the paraffin wax is removed, and the area of ​​the skin is smeared with healing vitamin cream.

Another remedy for redness is white cosmetic clay. Prepare from it a creamy consistency paste and apply to the skin of the face. White clay has a soothing effect. The same effect has a soothing mask of honey and mint.

You can try to make a mask of equal parts of cinnamon ground and honey. Mix the ingredients carefully and apply the mixture for 20 minutes to the reddened areas of the skin. The effect is noticeable immediately. Such a mask for fixing the result must be done for 10 days.

Facial masks are very effective in masking cucumber. They narrow the pores, remove irritations and moisturize. Another cucumber has an excellent smoothing effect and helps to get rid of acne. On a small grater, grate one cucumber. The resulting gruel is applied to the face for 20 minutes, and then rinse with boiled water.

Using aspirin – instant relief from redness. Lotion for the face, which does not contain any corrosive substances, preferably for sensitive skin, mix with 3 tablets of aspirin. Form the mixture, apply to the skin for 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. This mask can be done twice a week. Constant redness of the face can also be caused by allergy or other skin diseases – in this case urgent medical help is needed.

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